Alexandra Amor-cropAlexandra Amor is the award-winning author of a memoir about ten years she spent in a cult in the 1990s, the Town Called Horse mystery series, the Juliet Island Romantic Mystery series, as well as the Sugar & Clive animal adventure stories for middle grade readers.

Each week Alexandra hosts a podcast where she interviews mystery and thriller authors about their books, their characters and their writing inspiration. It’s a Mystery Podcast is a great way for readers to be introduced to amazing new authors in the mystery genre.

Alexandra says, “From the outside, my life looks pretty quiet. I write. I read. I go for long walks. I do all that over again the next day.

“But on the inside, my life is very exciting. I live much of my time in the world of my imagination, with my characters. I think about plot, story and character development a lot.

“I’m also fascinated with learning, particularly learning about art, creativity and how others bring their art to the world.

“So I’m kind of like a Mars bar; plain on the outside, lots of interesting flavours and textures on the inside. I think most writers will tell you the same thing.

On the Sunshine Coast, 2014
On the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, 2014
“I am a recent transplant to beautiful Stratford, Ontario. And for nearly 30 years I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is not too far from where the fictional town of Horse would be located (if it were real). I love hearing from readers. You can contact me here.”

A Few Useless Facts About Alexandra

I am a personal growth junkie.
I often listen to the sound of ocean waves when I’m writing. (Like right now.)
I like raisins, but not when they’re in other foods. Same with nuts.
My spirit animal is a bear. (For serious.)
I am not a fan of the demon vegetable Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group – aka, brussel sprouts.
I love driving. And napping. (Although not usually at the same time.)
Leslie Knope is my favorite superhero.