…one of the most riveting stories I’ve read in a long time. ~ Emile T. Ebrite

In 1989, at the age of 22, Alexandra Amor moved to Vancouver, BC and joined what she thought was a meditation class. Ten years later, she escaped what had become a mind control cult run by a self-serving, power-hungry guru.

Leaving behind all her friends, her spiritual community, her sense of self, and the man she loved, Alexandra moved out into the world searching for healing, and to understand what had happened to her.

Cult, A Love Story is the Amazon best-selling, award-winning memoir that shows by example how we are drawn into high-demand (cultic) groups. And what recovery from that experience looks like.

Cult, A Love Story explores my personal journey of descent into the hell that is a mind control cult. And it is also a story of self-discovery and of the opportunities for healing that are available to us when we leave a cult.

Cult a Love story

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This excellent memoir reveals how a charismatic, manipulative spirit medium can use love for God and neighbor as a hook to drag a small group of devotees into her cynical web of impossible goals for self-perfection. After a heroic struggle for insight, Alexandra Amor was one of the cult members who broke the abusive spell.  ~ Joseph Szimhart, Cult Information Specialist

The author’s great sensitivity to her story and the people she knew ensures that the reader is always aware of his her surroundings as the story unfolds. You really are there, and there is grace and great affection in the writing. Ms. Amor admits that she stills loves the people in the cult she left behind, and that rings true throughout. ~ Amazon reviewer

This is an incredibly brave, strong woman, who, surviving the dark for a decade, writes in the hope of saving others from her fate. It is a devastating, shocking, and ultimately life-affirming and joyous book. Read it. ~ Leigh P, Amazon reviewer