It’s a Mystery Podcast

Alexandra Amor-cropFor readers and lovers of the mystery genre, podcast episodes will be posted every Monday and will feature interviews with authors of mysteries including crime, detective, British detective, amateur sleuth, procedural, noir, suspense, cozy, thriller and more.

Host Alexandra Amor says, “I come from a family of voracious readers, and we are always looking for our next favorite mystery. I am also an award-winning independent author and I began to notice that many amazing books are being shared with the world but they sometimes have trouble finding an audience in the increasingly competitive book market.

I’m also passionate about creativity and living a creative life. I love hearing behind-the-scenes stories from writers and other creative people about how and why they make their art, what inspires them, and the challenges and rewards found in creativity.

Mystery Podcast LogoI’ve taken these elements of my life and married them. Think of the It’s a Mystery Podcast as a matchmaker between great books and eager readers.”

All the podcast episodes are listed below.

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Here is a list of the podcast episodes. Click on an episode title to listen, watch, read or download.

#59 – A Soccer Playing Mom Who Solves Mysteries with Judith Arnold

#58 – Call the Midwife to Solve the Mystery with Victoria Thompson

#57 – Paying Homage to Sue Grafton with Bevan Atkinson

#56 – Finding the Mystery Genre with the Help of Greek Gods with Shannon Baker

#55 – Co-writing Police Procedurals with Frank Zafrio and Lawrence Kelter

#54 – Minnesota Mysteries and Writing as a Form of Healing with Jessica Lourey

#53 – Japanese Mysteries and Self-Discovery for Amateur Sleuths with S.J. Pajonas

#52 – Cozy Mysteries with a Western Twist with Alexandra Amor

#51 – Louisiana Legal Thrillers with Global Themes with Michael H. Rubin

#50 – Solving Mysteries and Dodging Bullets Way Off Broadway with Cindy Brown

#49 – A TV Journalist Who’s Trying to Avoid Being Caught Dead in Wyoming with Patricia McLinn

#48 – Cozy Mystery Antique Hunters and a Witch Lost in Time with Vicki Vass

#47 – A Feisty Scottish Detective Inspector and YA Mysteries with Wendy H. Jones

#46 – Thriller Inspiration from Dick Francis with Sasscer Hill

#45 – An RCMP Officer Who Comes From Away with Mike Martin

#44 – Globetrotting Spy Thrillers with Alan Petersen

#43 – Writing Mysteries from the Heart, and Finding Humour in the Challenges of Aging with Julie Seedorf

#42 – Edinburgh Bookshops, Cooking School Mysteries, and Ghostly Inspiration with Paige Shelton

#41 – Amateur Sleuths Running Family Businesses, and Villages Within Cities with Leslie Budewitz

#40 – Egg Wars, Silicon Valley, and Psychic Readings with Cassie Page

#39 – Dog Detectives and Short Mysteries with Sandra Baublitz

#38 – Millions of Readers Can’t Be Wrong with Rachel Abbott

#37 – Modern Technology and Old Fashioned Murder with Gilian Baker

#36 – Exploring the Alienation Created by Extraordinary Abilities with Matty Dalrymple

#35 – Mysteries, Magic, and Filmmaking with John Gaspard

#34 – Storytelling, Blowing Stuff Up, and Heir Hunting with JL Simpson

#33 – Finding the Character that Wants Her Story Told with Judy K. Walker

#32 – Writing Comedy and Depth with Kim Hunt Harris

#31 – Historical Chicago and Characters Who Insist on Being Seen with Tracy Tonkinson

#30 – Lesbian Mysteries, Dangerous Settings, and Pond Frogs with Cari Hunter

#29 – Stubborn Characters, Future Spy Thrillers, and Abundant Creativity with Kasia Radzka

#28 – Writing Thrillers on Trains, Visual Story Ideas, and Kidnapping Plots with Rachel Amphlett

#27 – The Swinging Sixties, Dirty Weekends, and Rat-Like Cunning with Peter Bartram

#26 – Spirit Sensing Sleuths, Rockefellers, and Aviation with Matty Dalrymple

#25 – Italian Mafia History and Romantic Suspense with Dana Delamar

#24 – Small Town Mysteries and Romantic Suspense with Morgan Wyatt

#23 – London Detectives, Psychometry, and Crime Thrillers with J.F. Penn

#22 – Comic Noir and Advice from Sue Grafton with Renee Pawlish

#21 – African Lions, Jane Austen and a Paranormal Detective with Vered Ehsani

#20 – Former Police Detective Writing British Police Procedurals with Darryl Donaghue

#19 – Texas Lions, Florida History and College Inspiration with JC Gatlin

#18 – Scottish Castles, Casanova, and Island Mysteries with Myra Duffy

#17 – Think Tanks and Accidental Sleuths with Cassidy Salem

#16 – High Tech Mysteries and Ordinary Heroes with Helen Hanson

#15 – Police Procedurals, Profilers and Private Investigators with A.D. Davies

#14 – Weaving Together Travel, Knitting and Mysteries with Jane Thornley

#13 – Cannibals, Agatha Christie, and a Rock ‘n Roll Murder with C.A. Larmer

#12 – Afternoon Tea, Gardening and Murder with Nancy Jill Thames

#11 – Character Driven Psychological Mysteries with Malcolm Richards

#10 – Historical Kentucky Mysteries and a Famous Madam with Gwen Mayo

#9 – Culinary competition cozy mysteries with Janel Gradowski

#8 – Criminals, con-men and comedy with Robin Storey

#7 – Murder, Mayhem, Maine with bestselling author Jen Blood

#6 – Multiple mystery series and writing strong female characters with John Mefford

#5 – Psychopaths and British noir with William Patching

#4 – Ghost Detectives and North Carolina History with Stuart Jaffe

#3 – Vancouver noir mysteries with Joel Mark Harris

#2 – Rhode Island cozies and free short mystery stories with Amy Saunders

#1 – Wit and whimsy in Lincolnshire Crime Novels with Milly Reynolds