Sugar and Clive and the Bank Robbery

The Dogwood Island bank has been robbed and the only witnesses are a pair of fainting mice named Vince and Vance.

Sugar, a medium sized dog with caramel coloured curls, and her best friend Clive the barn swallow, are in a race against time (and local law enforcement!) to discover who robbed the bank. Their friend Oliver the retriever and his human Daniel are the prime suspects. Without Sugar and Clive’s help, Daniel may end up in jail and Oliver may end up without a home.

Sugar and Clive arrowsFrom award-winning author Alexandra Amor comes a mystery filled with friendship and humour that animal lovers of all ages will adore. In the tradition of The Cricket in Times Square and Stewart Little our animal heroes, Sugar and Clive, guide the reader on a fast-paced adventure with laugh-out-loud fun, not to mention a smelly, farting seagull named Larry.

An ideal middle grade read, and a book for parents (and grandparents) and children to enjoy together. Perfect for middle school teachers and librarians to share with their classes. (Rated G. Age 9+)

Each book in the Sugar & Clive Adventure Series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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