Weaving Together Travel, Knitting and Mysteries with Jane Thornley


Podcast episode 14Jane Thornley is a colourful author – quite literally. She’s a knitter, art-to-wear designer, world traveler and the author of the Crime by Design mystery series. You’ll see the passion she has for the visual arts below if you have a look at her book covers. They are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, which is one reason I wanted to talk to Jane.

Based in Halifax, Canada, Jane and her husband are able to indulge their love of travel and history, and Jane incorporates much of what she sees and learns in her Phoebe McCabe mystery novels. One of my favorite things about hosting this podcast is that I learn something from each guest. This interview is no exception; Jane helped me understand a bit of the importance in the history of the fabric arts.

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Transcription of Interview with Jane Thornley

Alexandra: Hello, Mystery Readers. I’m Alexandra Amor and this is It’s a Mystery Podcast. I’m here today with Jane Thornley. Hi, Jane.

Jane: Hi, and hi, Mystery Readers everywhere.

Alexandra: That’s right. You’re in Halifax. I’m in Vancouver. I feel like we’re kind of waving across the country at one another.

Jane: We’re bookends.

Alexandra: We’re bookends, exactly. Let me introduce our listeners to you. Once upon a time, Jane Thornley explored many roles, librarian, teacher, designer, school administrator, software consultant, but writer has always been her default self. She began writing stories in elementary school and completed four novels before graduating public education. I’ll have to ask you about that. But that was just a warm-up. She loves to play her life out in color, adventure, travel, and creativity. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, she continues as an art-to-wear knitwear designer, an impassioned traveler, while weaving her stories against a colorful international backdrop so vibrant, readers constantly remark on it in her reviews. That’s such a nice thing to have that kind of positive feedback from our readers, isn’t it?

Jane ThornleyJane: It really is and it also lets you know what the elements are that they particularly find intriguing or fascinating.

Alexandra: Exactly, yes. I was saying before we got on the call, I love your colorful background there and you mentioned that it’s all your knitting.

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