Afternoon Tea, Gardening and Murder with Nancy Jill Thames


Podcast episode 12 (1)Nancy Jill Thames is a gardener, a traveler, a lover of beauty and an author, not necessarily in that order. Today on It’s a Mystery Podcast we talk about the inspiration she finds for her series of cozy mystery novels in her travels, as well as what motivates her feisty amateur sleuth, Jillian Bradley.

As with so many of my guests, Nancy Jill has the first book in her series available for free. You can find Murder in Half Moon Bay at Amazon and the other online retailers and give it a try at no risk. If you like it, there are nine others available in the series.

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Transcript of Interview with Nancy Jill Thames

Alexandra: Hi, everyone. I’m Alexandra Amor, and I’m here today with Nancy Jill Thames. Hi, Nancy Jill.

Nancy Jill: Hi, Alexandra.

Alexandra: How are you?

Nancy Jill: Doing awesome.

Alexandra: Good, good. I’m very happy to have you here to talk about your cozy mysteries. So let me give everyone a little bit of an introduction before we start. Nancy Jill Thames writes the Jillian Bradley mystery series, beginning with “Murder in Half Moon Bay” featuring a feisty garden columnist and her clue-sniffing Yorkie, and has been listed in the Amazon Author Watch Best Seller List.

NancyJillThamesWhen Nancy isn’t plotting Jillian’s next perilous adventure, she travels between Texas, California, and Georgia, finding new ways to spoil her grandchildren, playing classical favorites on her baby grand, or having afternoon tea with friends. So let’s start with the afternoon tea theme actually because that’s something that runs through many of your books.

Start by telling us a bit about Jillian, your main character. And I noticed in one of your reviews, this cracked me up. One of your fans said, “Finally! A mystery with a Yorkie in it.” The world has been waiting.

Nancy Jill: Well, I suppose so. Well, Jillian Bradley is, of course, my persona, a person that I am. I love beauty more than anything else. And it seems I love beauty in my home, in art, in the way I present food, books I read, my gardens, everything I do. Entertaining. I love pretty things. I have a teacup collection with 44 different teacups, and I use them.

Alexandra: Oh, wow.

Nancy Jill: I love beauty, and I love sharing that beauty with my readers.
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