Character Driven Psychological Mysteries with Malcolm Richards


Podcast episode 11Character development is probably my favorite things about stories. Any kind of story; books, films and TV shows. Today my guest, author Malcolm Richards, seems to share this obsession with character. His psychological mystery series features an amateur sleuth whose own journey is as central to the story as the mystery she is solving.

The author of four novels, with another just about to be released, Malcolm Richards has an interesting past career as a pirate. (I’m just kidding about the pirate part. He’s from Penzance though, so we have to make that joke.) 🙂

You can find Malcolm at, where one of the novels we discuss in this episode, Lost Lives is available for free. Malcolm is also on Twitter. And Facebook.

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Transcript of Interview with Malcolm Richards

Alexandra: Hi everyone, I’m Alexandra Amor, this is It’s a Mystery Podcast and I’m here today with Malcolm Richards. Hi, Malcolm, how are you?

Malcolm: I’m good, Alexandra, how are you doing?

Alexandra: I’m good. We’re here today to talk primarily about your two Emily Swanson mystery novels, and so let me just introduce you to everyone.

Malcolm RichardsCornish-born Malcolm Richards, is the author of the psychological mystery novel The Hiding House, and the Emily Swanson mystery thrillers, a dark and emotionally driven amateur sleuth series. Filled with characters from the sidelines of society, his novels are as much about the protagonists finding themselves as they are about finding the next tightly plotted clue. Malcolm lives in London, and has worked as a teacher of young people with emotional and behavioral needs, a teacher of creative writing, and as a copywriter, scriptwriter, and editor. So, it’s great to have you here today, Malcolm. I love that you say that your books are as much about what the characters are going though as about the plot and the mystery. Those are the books I like to read and to write as well. Yeah.

Malcolm: Yeah, me too. Because I’m into kind of character-driven different stories. Definitely.

Alexandra: Exactly.

Tell us a little bit about Emily. I read the description of the first book and I loved that it said she’s a troubled young teacher who has moved to London. As soon as I read that I thought, “Ooh, tell me more.”

Malcolm: I think the crux of the first book is that there are two mysteries going on. One, very much centered around Emily and who she is and where she came from, and the driving mystery though the novel of the missing tenant that she’s trying to find. But so, I think, we learn that Emily is from the countryside, she comes from a small village and she’s just moved to London and the mystery around her is the fact that she’s moved there with not knowing anyone. She has no job and no one seems to know anything about her. And she moves into this apartment building called the Homeswood, where she meets her neighbor, Jerome and another neighbor, an older lady called Harriet.

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