Murder, Mayhem, Maine with Jen Blood


Podcast episode 7On this episode of It’s A Mystery Podcast, I talk to best-selling author Jen ‘Yes, that’s my real last name’ Blood about her serialize mystery series, featuring journalist Erin Solomon.

I have been quite excited to talk to Jen because the premise of this mystery series involves a cult. I was involved in a cult for ten years in the 1990s, so I wanted to know more from Jen about how she came up with the premise. And also how she did such an amazing job capturing the twisted and dangerous motives and personal interaction in a cult.

We talk about this and much more during the interview.

Jen’s five book series is unique because the plot arcs through all five books. By the end of book 1 (All the Blue-Eyed Angels) many questions about the mystery have been answered, but others are raised. FYI, Jen has a special deal on the entire series right now. You can get all five books for 50% off the regular price. I HIGHLY recommend these books. I could hardly put book one down and can’t wait to dive into the next one. (Plus, main character Erin Solomon has her dog with her throughout the book and any mystery author who can write about a dog so skillfully is tops in my books.) 😉

You can find Jen at, where you can get All the Blue-Eyed Angels, and two other novels for free. Jen is also on Facebook. And Twitter.

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Transcript of Interview with Jen Blood

Alexandra: Hi, everyone. I’m Alexandra Amor, and I’m here today with Jen Blood. Hi, Jen!

Jen: Hi, Alexandra.

Alexandra: How are you today?

Jen: I’m great. I’m very excited to be here.

Alexandra: Oh, good. I’m so happy to have you here. I’m going to give everyone a bit of introduction about you. Jen is the author of the best selling Erin Solomon mysteries. Jen Blood taps into a background in freelance journalism in the heart of mid-coast Maine, to write mysteries rich with atmosphere, action, romance, character, and serpentine plots.

Her award-winning series has been hailed by critics and readers alike for its sharp wit and well drawn characters, with all of her novels to date hitting multiple best seller lists in mystery, suspense, and thrillers. And yes, Jen Blood is her real name. Because that was my first question when I started looking into you. I thought “Oh that can’t be real,” but it is.

Jen: Yeah, it is.

Alexandra: That’s awesome. So as I mentioned, just before the call, I read the first book in the Erin Solomon series over the Christmas holidays and just loved it.

Give us a bit of background about Erin and where the story starts, and then I’m going to ask you a few questions.

Jen BloodJen: Sure. Basically, the story starts and Erin Solomon is an investigative journalist, and she decides, for a variety of reasons, to return to her hometown to investigate a crime that’s basically haunted her for her whole life, or for most of her life, which is an alleged cult suicide that happened when she was 10. The reason it’s haunted her is because her father was actually a member of this religious community and he was the only survivor, aside from herself, though she was no longer a member at that point.

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