New Romantic Mystery from Alexandra Amor

I have been remiss in mentioning this. I got too busy writing the next book in this series and very nearly forgot to let you know about the first book. 😉

Love and Death at the Inn:
A Juliet Island Romantic Mystery

60% Mystery. 40% Romance. 100% escape.

Born and raised on Juliet Island, Maggie Archer’s whole life is dedicated to the rustic inn her parents built. When a guest is found dead, the inn’s already precarious financial situation teeters on the brink. Maggie begins to wonder if the growing number of accidents at the inn are really just that, or if something more sinister is at play.

Elliott Simon’s life has recently gone off the rails. His stop on Juliet Island is meant to be temporary but when he finds a body floating in the ocean his plans are put on hold by the RCMP. Complicating matters is his growing attraction to the owner of the Cormorant Inn, the beautiful and headstrong Maggie Archer.

When a fire strikes at the inn, and it looks as though it could have been deliberately set, Maggie and Elliott are in a race to find the perpetrator before more tragedy strikes.

Love and Death at the Inn is the first in a series of cozy romantic mysteries set on the wild west coast of British Columbia.

If you like character-based stories where friendship and love form the foundation, beautiful locations, and a little bit of romantic entanglement, then you’ll love Alexandra Amor’s heartwarming Juliet Island Romantic Mysteries.

*Note: there are occasional instances of swearing in this book, including the odd F-bomb.

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Cannibals, Agatha Christie and a Rock ‘n Roll Murder with Christina Larmer


Podcast episode 13My guest today is a woman who wears many hats; mother, journalist, freelance writer, and, of course, crime fiction author. C.A. (Christina) Larmer currently has two mystery series on the go: The Ghostwriter series featuring journalist and amateur detective Roxy Parker, and the Agatha Christie Book Club series, which is loosely based on her own experience with book clubs.

Christina shares the true story of her adventures in a cave of cannibal skulls (I’m not kidding) as well as some deeper insights into Roxy’s character that a fan of the books pointed out.

You can find Christina on her website. As well as Facebook and Twitter.

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Transcription of Interview with Christina Larmer

Alexandra: Hi, everyone. I’m Alexandra Amor, and this is It’s A Mystery podcast, and I’m here today with Christine Larmer. Hi, Christina.

Christina: Hello, how are you?

Alexandra: I’m well, how are you?

Christina: Very good thank you.

Alexandra: Sorry, I said Christine instead of Christina.

Christina: That’s okay, no problem.

Alexandra: I’ll give everybody a bit of an introduction to you as we begin. CA Larmer, otherwise known as Christina, is the author of nine books including six in the popular “Ghostwriter Mystery” series. A second crime series called the “Agatha Christie Book Club,” and a nonfiction book about Papua, New Guinea where she was born and bred. Papua, New Guinea is also the setting for her standalone novel and “Island Lost”. Christina spent three years living in New York and Los Angeles and now lives in Australia with her musician husband and two sons. She’s also a journalist, editor, and guest blogger with The Huffington Post.

It’s so great to have you here today, Christina. I’m so happy to have you so let’s begin. We were talking just before we started about this fabulous blog post you’ve got about a cave of skulls on Papua, New Guinea.

Talk about your origins as a mystery writer and about that great little story.

CALarmerChristina: I was born and bred in Papua, New Guinea, in the capital of Papua, New Guinea called Mosi, which is sort of a city, a ramshackle city, but every holiday or once a year, we’d head off to this really remote island. It’s just beautiful and exquisite and the crystal clear waters that sort of thing. The island has an amazing history. It’s got a history of cannibalism and tribes, which all Papua, New Guinea does.

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