Scottish Castles, Casanova and Island Mysteries with Myra Duffy


Podcast episode 18Myra Duffy has the loveliest Scottish accent. I could have listened to her all day long. Not only is she a pleasure to listen to, she’s got loads to share about the Scottish island where her cozy mysteries are set.

The Isle of Bute is off the west coast of Scotland, known for its architecture, its long sandy beaches, and, when Myra’s around, the odd fictional murder. 😉 Coincidentally, a few days before I talked to Myra, there was the confirmation of the authentication of one of Shakespeare’s folios that is in the possession of a museum on the island. In this interview Myra brings us up to speed about what’s happening with that fascinating piece of history, and shares lots more about the Isle of Bute and the mysteries she sets there.

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Transcription of Interview with Myra Duffy

Alexandra: Hi, Mystery Readers. I’m Alexandra Amor. This is “It’s a Mystery Podcast”. I’m here today with Myra Duffy. Hi, Myra.

Myra: Hi there, Alexandra.

Alexandra: How are you?

Myra: I’m very well today, thank you.

Alexandra: Good. Looks like a nice, sunny day there today.

Myra: Yes, at last, after a long, hard winter.

Alexandra: Yes, I guess it’s great.

Myra: A wet winter.

Alexandra: Was it white?

Myra: Oh, wet, very wet. We get a lot of rain in the west coast of Scotland.

Alexandra: I guess so. I’m on the west coast of Canada, and we get a lot of rain, too, so very similar climates, I think.

Myra: Exactly.

Alexandra: Let me introduce our listeners to you.

MyraDuffyMyra Duffy is the published author of non-fiction, but she has been writing fiction for as long as she can remember, winning a national writing competition when she was 13. In the past few years, she has turned to a life of crime, fictional crime that is. She has won a number of competitions, and had short stories published in various magazines, but prefers writing novels, most notably the very successful series of cozy crime mystery novels set on the island of Bute, just off the west coast of Scotland.

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about mostly today. Just before we jumped online, we were chatting about a very current event that’s going to be woven into your newest book.

Let’s start at the beginning, perhaps, and maybe you could tell us a bit about Alison, your main character. Alison Cameron. Alison Cameron, so tell us a bit about her. She’s a writer?

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