Globetrotting Spy Thrillers with Alan Petersen

Thriller author, and podcast host, Alan Petersen puts the writing adage, ‘Write what you know’ to good use in his Pete Maddox series.

Alan PetersenAs you’ll hear, Alan was born in Costa Rica and grew up in South America. He’s making the most of that experience by setting his first couple of fast-paced spy thrillers in that part of the world.

But he doesn’t stop there and you’ll hear us chat about the varied locations he’s now introducing into his books and how he goes about researching locations he’s never been to. Not to mention the CIA!

If you like your mysteries a bit more on the thriller end of the spectrum (think James Bond or Jason Bourne) then you’ll love Alan’s books. He’s got two available now and the third one will be published very soon.

Also, if you like thrillers, check out Alan’s podcast, Meet the Thriller Author. It’s another great source for readers looking for new books to read and authors to follow. 😉

You can find out more about today’s guest, Alan Petersen, and all his books on his website You can also find him on Twitter @AlanPetersen.

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You can also click here to watch the interview on YouTube.
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Wit and Whimsy in Lincolnshire Mysteries with Milly Reynolds

We’ve all met lots of grim, gritty and damaged mystery novel detectives. In her Mike Malone mysteries, set in England’s Lincolnshire county, Milly Reynolds has turned that trope on its head.
Podcast episode 1In the introduction I share the motivation behind It’s A Mystery Podcast, including my love of talking to artists about their art. I come from a family of voracious readers, and we are always looking for our next favorite mystery. I am also an independent author and I began to notice that many amazing books are being shared with the world but they sometimes have trouble finding an audience in the increasingly competitive book market. I’ve taken these two elements of my life and married them. Think of the It’s a Mystery Podcast as a matchmaker between great books and eager fans of mystery novels.

Each Monday I will post a new episode featuring an interview with a mystery author you may not have heard of. And most authors will have a book available for free (or for a very low price) so that you can give them a try with little or no risk. For example, my guest in this episode, Milly Reynolds, has quite a few of her books available for $0.99.
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