New Romantic Mystery from Alexandra Amor

I have been remiss in mentioning this. I got too busy writing the next book in this series and very nearly forgot to let you know about the first book. 😉

Love and Death at the Inn:
A Juliet Island Romantic Mystery

60% Mystery. 40% Romance. 100% escape.

Born and raised on Juliet Island, Maggie Archer’s whole life is dedicated to the rustic inn her parents built. When a guest is found dead, the inn’s already precarious financial situation teeters on the brink. Maggie begins to wonder if the growing number of accidents at the inn are really just that, or if something more sinister is at play.

Elliott Simon’s life has recently gone off the rails. His stop on Juliet Island is meant to be temporary but when he finds a body floating in the ocean his plans are put on hold by the RCMP. Complicating matters is his growing attraction to the owner of the Cormorant Inn, the beautiful and headstrong Maggie Archer.

When a fire strikes at the inn, and it looks as though it could have been deliberately set, Maggie and Elliott are in a race to find the perpetrator before more tragedy strikes.

Love and Death at the Inn is the first in a series of cozy romantic mysteries set on the wild west coast of British Columbia.

If you like character-based stories where friendship and love form the foundation, beautiful locations, and a little bit of romantic entanglement, then you’ll love Alexandra Amor’s heartwarming Juliet Island Romantic Mysteries.

*Note: there are occasional instances of swearing in this book, including the odd F-bomb.

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Italian Mafia History and Romantic Suspense with Dana Delamar

Podcast episode 25Romantic suspense author Dana Delamar explores themes of family and destiny in her Blood and Honor series of novels. As someone who was trained as a life coach, and who believes firmly that life is all about choice, it was fascinating to me to talk to Dana about the path that those in Italian mafia families must take, whether they like it or not.

Research plays a big part in Dana’s books – she’s been to Italy and looks forward to going back. (I hope she takes me with her!) And as she mentions, all of us authors live in fear of any kind of legal entity ever getting a hold of our browser history. Dana’s will be sure to include searches about money laundering and body disposal. 😉

You can find out more about Dana and her books on her website She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

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You can also click here to watch the interview on YouTube.

Transcript of Interview with Dana Delamar

Alexandra: Hello, mystery readers. I’m Alexandra Amor. This is It’s a Mystery podcast, and I’m here today with Dana Delamar. Hi, Dana.

Dana: Hi, how are you doing Alexandra?

Alexandra: Very well, how are you?

Dana: Good.

Alexandra: Let me give our listeners a little bit of an introduction to you.

danaone_0057_crop_9x5qDana Delamar is the author of “The Blood and Honor” mafia romance series which is set in Italy among the Calabrian mafia. Her first book, “Revenge”, received four stars from the RT book reviews, and was a top pick at the romance reviews. And was a double finalist for best first book, and best romantic suspense in the 2013 Bookseller Best awards. Her other books in The Blood and Honor series have been multiple award nominees and winners. Dana is a voracious and an omnivorous reader everything from biographies to Booker prize winners, to mysteries, thrillers, and anything to do with vampires. She says her parents let her watch way too many hammer horror films when she was a kid.

Let’s start by talking about “The Blood and Honor” series.

What drew you to writing about the mafia? I guess that’s my first question.

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