Comic Noir and Advice from Sue Grafton with Renee Pawlish


Podcast episode 22Author Renee Pawlish (and our very special guest Harley the cat) and I have a great chat today about her comic noir detective series, her new mystery series featuring a hard-boiled detective in the WW II era and much more.

Renee is a prolific author and a huge fan of the mystery genre. She’s been reading mysteries her whole life and it shows in the thoughtful way she’s created the detective for her longest running series, the Reed Ferguson Mysteries. Reed is a smart aleck, as Renee describes him, who is different than many other traditional noir detectives; he’s not a recovering alcoholic and he has a loving wife and family. Renee and I discuss Reed’s connection to other noir detectives like Robert B. Parker’s Spenser, Columbo, Jim Rockford and more.

I forgot to ask Renee about the ‘punny’ titles to some of her books. You can see some of those shown below, like The Postman Always Brings Dice and The Maltese Felon. I love an author with a sense of humour!!

Mystery fans will be thrilled to know
that Renee has started a page on her website aimed and offering readers mystery novels each month at a bargain price. Each month she features new mystery novels that are either free or on special for $0.99. You can check out this month’s deals here.

You can find out more about Renee and her books on her website She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

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Transcript of Interview with Renee

Alexandra: Hi, mystery readers. I’m Alexandra Amor. This is It’s A Mystery podcast, and I’m here today with Renee Pawlish. Hi, Renee.

Renee: Hi, how are you?

Alexandra: Very well, how are you?

Renee: Doing just great.

Alexandra: Good, and I should say we’re here with Renee and Harley, who’s there in the background.

Renee: That’s right, yeah, yeah.

Alexandra: That’s fantastic. I just want to explain to everybody that I have a bit of a cold, so I have a cold lozenge in my mouth. If I sound a little weird, that’s what’s going on there. Let me introduce our listeners to you.

ReneePawlishRenee Pawlish is the award-winning author of the best-selling “Reed Ferguson Mystery” series and other mysteries and stories. Critics have said that Renee is a promising new voice in the comic murder mystery genre and a powerful storyteller. Her book, and I might mispronounce this, “Nephilim Genesis of Evil”, is that right?

Renee: It’s Nephilim.

Alexandra: Nephilim, “Nephilim Genesis of Evil” has been compared to Stephen King and Frank Peretti. Renee was born in California but has lived most of her life in Colorado. So I’m really excited to have you here today, Renee, to talk about your “Reed Ferguson Mysteries”.

Renee: Yeah.

Alexandra: The thing that really attracted them to me is they’re in that sort of comic noir genre, and I’m a huge Robert B. Parker fan. He’s not with us any longer, of course.

I wondered was there a particular author like Raymond Chandler or somebody who inspired you?

This-Doesnt-Happen-In-The-Movies-new-450x643Renee: Yeah, kind of a lot of the classic authors. I actually wrote the first book in the series, “This Doesn’t Happen In The Movies”, gosh like 14 years ago. I was influenced by Sue Grafton. I’ve met her a number of times back when she was just getting going and another one was a local author here named, John Dunning who wrote the “Booked To Die”, the “Bookman’s Series” I guess they call it. And I was trying to come up with a detective that was a little bit funny, a little bit of a smart ass, and Reed was sort of born out of that.

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Cannibals, Agatha Christie and a Rock ‘n Roll Murder with Christina Larmer


Podcast episode 13My guest today is a woman who wears many hats; mother, journalist, freelance writer, and, of course, crime fiction author. C.A. (Christina) Larmer currently has two mystery series on the go: The Ghostwriter series featuring journalist and amateur detective Roxy Parker, and the Agatha Christie Book Club series, which is loosely based on her own experience with book clubs.

Christina shares the true story of her adventures in a cave of cannibal skulls (I’m not kidding) as well as some deeper insights into Roxy’s character that a fan of the books pointed out.

You can find Christina on her website. As well as Facebook and Twitter.

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Transcription of Interview with Christina Larmer

Alexandra: Hi, everyone. I’m Alexandra Amor, and this is It’s A Mystery podcast, and I’m here today with Christine Larmer. Hi, Christina.

Christina: Hello, how are you?

Alexandra: I’m well, how are you?

Christina: Very good thank you.

Alexandra: Sorry, I said Christine instead of Christina.

Christina: That’s okay, no problem.

Alexandra: I’ll give everybody a bit of an introduction to you as we begin. CA Larmer, otherwise known as Christina, is the author of nine books including six in the popular “Ghostwriter Mystery” series. A second crime series called the “Agatha Christie Book Club,” and a nonfiction book about Papua, New Guinea where she was born and bred. Papua, New Guinea is also the setting for her standalone novel and “Island Lost”. Christina spent three years living in New York and Los Angeles and now lives in Australia with her musician husband and two sons. She’s also a journalist, editor, and guest blogger with The Huffington Post.

It’s so great to have you here today, Christina. I’m so happy to have you so let’s begin. We were talking just before we started about this fabulous blog post you’ve got about a cave of skulls on Papua, New Guinea.

Talk about your origins as a mystery writer and about that great little story.

CALarmerChristina: I was born and bred in Papua, New Guinea, in the capital of Papua, New Guinea called Mosi, which is sort of a city, a ramshackle city, but every holiday or once a year, we’d head off to this really remote island. It’s just beautiful and exquisite and the crystal clear waters that sort of thing. The island has an amazing history. It’s got a history of cannibalism and tribes, which all Papua, New Guinea does.

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