Criminals, con-men and comedy with Robin Storey


Podcast episode 8Today I talk to my first guest from Down Under, Robin Storey. Robin lives in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia. We talk about the influence of other Australian crime writers, her natural pull toward writing comedic mystery novels and the importance of feedback from trusted sources when one is writing a book.

You can find Robin at, where the novel we discuss in this episode, How Not to Commit Murder is available for free. Robin is also on Twitter. And Facebook.

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Transcript of Interview with Robin Storey

Alexandra: Hi everyone, I’m Alexandra Amor, and I’m here today with Robin Storey. Hi, Robin.

Robin: Hi, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Nice to see you.

Robin: Thanks for inviting me.

Alexandra: You’re so welcome. I’m going to give everyone a little bit of background information about you. Robin Storey is an indie author of three books: “How Not to Commit Murder,” “Perfect Sex,” and an anthology of short stories called “Comedy Shorts.” She will publish her fourth book, romantic-suspense novella, “An Affair with Danger”, in early 2016, which is a departure from her usual style, as her first three books are comedies. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, where sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in gives her inspiration for her stories and is the perfect way to procrastinate. And did you know that we have a Sunshine Coast here in British Columbia too?

Robin: I do, I do. Yes.

Alexandra: Yeah, I’ve been to that one. I haven’t been to yours, though.

Robin Storey AuthorRobin: Sometimes I’ve been Googling things for Sunshine Coast for here, and I end up with Sunshine Coast over there.

Alexandra: The same thing has happened to me. That’s so funny. I’d love to come to your Sunshine Coast.

Robin: Yeah, our Sunshine Coast is beautiful.

Alexandra: One day. So tell us a little bit about “How Not to Commit Murder.”

I was intrigued, because when I was doing a little bit of background on the book and the character, it made me think of Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr series, where the main character is a criminal, and the book is a bit comedic. So tell us about “How Not to Commit Murder”.

Robin: I’ll tell you the story first. Basically, it’s about a career conman called Reuben Littlejohn, who gets out of jail, on parole, and he decides he’s going to go straight this time. But he runs into one of his old colleagues and is blackmailed into becoming an accomplice in a plot to kill his parole officer, Lucy, with whom he happens to be madly in lust. So his dilemma is that he has to pretend to be a part of this plot to kill her, at the same time trying to save her life, trying to prevent himself from being killed or going back to jail, and all of this without his wife finding out.
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