Psychopaths and British Noir with William Patching


Podcast episode 5 (2)Author Will Patching is fascinated by psychopaths. He has a website dedicated to just this topic. And the villain in his British noir mystery, Remorseless, is a character study in psychopathology.

Will and I had a lovely long chat about all sorts of disturbing subjects, including psychopaths and the absence of guilt that allows many a murderer to do what they do.

Will has also generously offered It’s a Mystery Podcast listeners a free copy of the audio version of his book, Remorseless! If you would like one please email me, mention the podcast and I’ll connect you with Will.

You can find Will and his books on Also note that Remorseless is free on Amazon at the moment.

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Transcription of Interview with Will Patching

Alexandra: Hi everyone! I’m Alexandra Amor, and I’m here today with Will Patching. Hi Will!

Will: Hi Alexandra, thank you for having me.

Alexandra: Oh, you’re so welcome. How are things in Thailand this morning?

Will: Pretty warm, as usual. It’s a very nice place to be, beautiful scenery, spectacular place. I live on the island of Phuket. It’s a tourist destination, so I’m very very lucky.

Alexandra: That is nice. Well, that’s lucky. By way of introduction, I’m just going to tell everyone a little bit about you.


Will Patching is the author of “Remorseless”, a British crime thriller featuring forensic psychiatrist Dr. Powers and London Metropolitan Police Officer D.I. Jack Carver. Carver assists Dr. Powers as he tries to unravel the truth about violent psychopath Peter Leech, while battling demons of his own. So first I want to ask you, Peter, you’ve got a website dedicated to psychopaths?

Will: Mm-hm.

Alexandra: And as we were talking about just before the call… We talked about how your book is quite gritty. I think I saw it described somewhere as a British noir thriller, which is fantastic.

I noticed one of your reviewers described it as ‘relentless’. So are those the types of books you like to read as well?

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