Mysteries, Magic, and Filmmaking with John Gaspard

Magic is something I know almost nothing about. Luckily, my guest today, John Gaspard, who is a filmmaker as well as a writer, is here to talk about his magician-sleuth Eli Marks.

After John and I spoke I began reading the first book in the Eli Marks series and I love it. Eli is witty and smart, and in a heap of trouble in the first book, The Ambitious Card. Eli strikes me as a deeply thoughtful guy, someone who tries to see what’s going on behind the obvious, which is perhaps a perfect metaphor for what detectives and amateur sleuths – and magicians! – do. I suspect Eli is a bit like his creator, John, who was fun to chat with and clearly loves his writing hobby (he explains that he doesn’t like to think of it as a job).

If you like cozy mysteries with well-drawn characters and a sense of humour, I think you’ll like John’s Eli Marks series.

In the intro I mention that Skype was acting up on the day I interviewed John, so I hope the slightly bumpy audio isn’t too annoying for you listeners. I may have to beg John to come back on the show in January 2018 when his next book is released, so we can have a chat without having to deal with Skype’s idiosyncrasies.

You can find out more about today’s guest, John Gaspard, and all his books on his website Fast Cheap Movie Thoughts. You can also find him on Twitter @johngaspard and on Facebook.

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  • Click on any of the book covers to go to John’s books on Amazon
  • John mentions his magician mentor Suzanne’s appearance on Penn and Teller’s show, Fool Us. Click here to see that. [8 mins]

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Multiple mystery series and writing strong female characters with John Mefford


Podcast episode 6 (1)Today I talk to John Mefford who has written three mystery thriller series; the Booker series, the Greed series and the brand new FBI agent Alex Troutt series.

John shares how he has been influenced all his life by strong women and how he built this latest series around a flawed but strong female character, who is on a journey to understand herself better. John is a prolific author who plans to write and release six books in his new Alex Troutt series this year alone.

You can find John at, where the first books in both the Greed and Booker series are available for free. John is also on Facebook. And Twitter.

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Transcript of Interview with John Mefford

Alexandra: Hi everyone, this is the It’s a Mystery podcast, and I’m here today with John Mefford. Hi John.

John: How you doing, Alexandra?

Alexandra: I’m good. How are you?

John: Very good. Thanks for having me.

John MeffordAlexandra: Oh, you’re so welcome. I’m happy to have you here. I’m going to give everybody a little bit of an introduction about you. Throughout his four decade writing career best-selling author, John Mefford, has written about storks, a story about his mother and her dog, every sport imaginable, and, here in the last few years, mystery thrillers. He much prefers writing mystery thrillers.

He’s published 11 novels across three series and in January 2015 released the first book in his new Alex Troutt series titled “At Bay”.

We’re going to talk about Alex Troutt a bit here today. I thought we could start out, maybe, you could tell us a bit about your other two series, though, because they’re both mystery thrillers as well, correct?

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