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If you’re looking for answers about how to end your battle with food and heal the drive to overeat, you’ve come to the right place.

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Are you consumed by a hunger that can’t be satisfied?

Everyone eats. But not everyone struggles with their feelings about food.

If your thoughts about food and overeating are taking up a large part of your life, if your mental bandwidth is largely filled with negative self-talk because of your eating, please know you’re not alone and there is a way to change how you feel.

Imagine if your consuming drive to overeat was gone.

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Can you relate to this?

You spend more time thinking about food, weight and overeating than you do about almost everything else.

You’ve been searching for answers for years, maybe decades, and nothing has worked.

You know for sure the drive to overeat is not who you truly are, but you can’t make it stop.

You’ve been battling the overeating monkey on your back for so long that you’re exhausted and almost out of hope.

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With your Freedom from Overeating video

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What if…?

What if you could actually find freedom from that consuming drive to overeat?

Freedom that doesn’t involve counting food points or restrictive guidelines.

(Because no matter how strictly we count our points the compulsive drive is still there, isn’t it? Waiting for our resolve to weaken.)

What if that drive to overeat actually went away? And you didn’t have to manage or control or battle with it every day.

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I’m Alexandra Amor.

For 30 years I struggled with the drive to overeat. And for virtually all that time I tried to heal my overeating habit.

I read mountains of self-help books, took courses, attended webinars, tried all kinds of diets, and absorbed all the advice I could.

My overeating habit remained. My weight continued to climb. And the inner drive I felt, demanding that I overeat, was as loud and persuasive as ever.

Then, in 2017, I was introduced to a new paradigm of psychology that changed everything about how I feel about food.

There’s no willpower involved. No surfing my urges. My drive to overeat literally dissolved.

The battle is over. (And my weight is dropping after 30 years of a steady climb.)

Now it is my mission to share this fresh, new understanding with those like you who are suffering so that you too may find freedom from overeating.

Alexandra Amor
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