Alexandra Amor

Alexandra Amor is a lifelong explorer of what it means to be human. She offers books, online courses, mentoring, and other resources for those who want to end their suffering around an overeating habit.

For 30+ years Alexandra tried (and failed) to fix her overeating habit. All of the self-help books, programs, eating plans and ‘mindset shifts’ she diligently practiced and pursued had a negligible effect on her habit. Then, in 2017, a friend introduced her to a new paradigm of psychology that changed everything. This transformational change, especially around eating, is what compels Alexandra to share this paradigm with others.

Alexandra also writes both fiction and non-fiction books, all with the themes of love, connection and the search for understanding. She began her writing career with an Amazon best-selling, award-winning memoir about ten years she spent in a cult in the 1990s.

A former Vancouverite, Alexandra now lives in a magical fishing village on Vancouver Island and spends each day writing and creating. When she’s not doing that you’ll likely find her walking on a beach or worrying that the vacuum cleaner feels ignored. In her spare time she serves on the board of her local hospice association.

Alexandra loves hearing from fellow explorers. You can contact her here.

A few random facts about Alexandra

  • I am a personal growth junkie.

  • I often listen to the sound of ocean waves or thunderstorms when I’m writing. (Like right now.)

  • I like raisins, but not when they’re in other foods. Same with nuts.

  • My spirit animal is a bear. (For serious.)

  • I have recently learned to grudgingly appreciate the demon vegetable Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group – aka, brussel sprouts.

  • I love driving. And napping. (Although not usually at the same time.)

  • Leslie Knope is my favorite superhero.

Alexandra on Wick Beach
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