Outside the MuseumI had a great time a couple of weeks ago at the Vancouver Police Museum.

My upcoming series of mystery novels, set in 1890 in the North Okanagan, involve a character who is a member of what was then called the British Columbia Constabulary. I’ve been reading Policing a Pioneer Province by Lynne Stonier-Newman to gain more understanding of policing during this time, but seeing the collections and artifacts at the Vancouver Police Museum added depth to that understanding.

stained glassThe Vancouver Police Museum is primarily focused on policing in the city of Vancouver (just like the name suggests) but even so I learned about policing in the province in 1890.

For instance, the type of sidearm that a provincial or municipal officer carried wasn’t standardized until the 1950s. And female police officers were called ‘police women’ until the 1970s.

Female police officersI’m becoming more enamored of book research the more I do it. The world is a fascinating place and the past is filled with details and events we never think of in our modern age of ease an comfort. I plan to head back to the Vernon Museum and Archives in the summer of 2016 to bring more life and character to my novels.

For more photos from my day at the Vancouver Police Museum, please visit my Flickr page.