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The peace you think you’ll find by being thin has been within you all along.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the drive you feel to overeat is actually your body’s way of trying to get your attention and let you know you are now, and always have been, entirely whole. (Surprise)

There is a revolution happening in our psychological awareness about how being human works. This new understanding points us away from focusing on what we believe is wrong with us and instead reminds us that we always have all that we need. It flips the way we think about ourselves and our lives on its head. Seeing life this way has the power to reverse our overeating habit and bring us the sense of peace we’ve been seeking via diets and weight loss.

For 35 years author Alexandra Amor read every self-help book and followed every different kind of diet plan she could find, only to fail, again and again. But in 2017 when she began to learn about the misunderstandings we hold about why we feel the drive to overeat, everything changed.

In this intimate and compassionate book, Alexandra shares everything she’s learned about a new psychological paradigm that explains how by looking in a slightly different direction from the outdated will-power and deprivation model we can find lasting freedom from our overeating habits.

It turns out that if, like Alexandra, you’ve tried everything to eliminate your drive to overeat and nothing has worked, you aren’t the problem. The problem is we’ve been looking in the wrong place for answers.

It's Not About The Food