Larry at the Wedding

When Larry the seagull, the world’s craftiest flying garbage disposal, spots the towering perfection of a gorgeously decorated wedding cake through a kitchen window, he knows that he and that cake are a perfect match. They are meant to be together forever. Or at the very least, until Larry can devour the dee-lish-ous confection. Preferably in one giant bite.

Larry’s friend Sugar, a medium-sized dog with a large-sized heart, can’t keep Larry out of trouble today because she is part of the wedding ceremony. It is up to Sugar’s best friend, Clive the barn swallow, to prevent the enormous and smelly seagull from ruining the perfect wedding day.

Clive is outmatched by Larry in every way – size, strength, and guile (not to mention bad breath) – but the little barn swallow has made a promise to Sugar that he intends to keep.

Join Sugar and Clive, and all their animal (and human) friends for the latest fun Dogwood Island Animal Adventure.

An ideal middle grade read, and a book for parents (and grandparents) and children to enjoy together. Perfect for middle school teachers and librarians to share with their classes. (Rated G. Age 9+)

Each book in the Sugar & Clive Adventure Series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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