The Dogwood Island bank has been robbed and it looks like an inside job!

Once again, Sugar – a medium-sized dog with a large-sized heart – and her best friend, Clive the barn swallow, find themselves embroiled in an adventure that may have disastrous consequences. Their good friend Daniel the bank manager is about to be arrested for the robbery.

Will Sugar and Clive, with the help of Daniel’s dog Oliver, solve the crime in time, and keep Daniel out of jail?

A story about friendship, loyalty, and a rude seagull who smells really bad, Sugar and Clive and the Bank Robbery, is perfect for fans of classic tales told from the animals’ perspective like Charlotte’s Web, A Cricket in Times Square and The Incredible Journey.

An ideal middle grade read, and a book for parents (and grandparents) and children to enjoy together. Perfect for middle school teachers and librarians to share with their classes. (Rated G. Age 9+)

Each book in the Sugar & Clive Adventure Series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Sugar and Clive and the Bank Robbery
Sugar and Clive

Available in ebook and paperback.

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