Hollywood comes to Dogwood Island!

When a movie crew arrives on tiny Dogwood Island, Sugar and Clive and all the other island residents are abuzz. They discover not one, but two movie stars in their midst. Kayla, a tiny star with a bright smile and buckets of talent, especially for someone not yet out of middle school, and her faithful companion, Willa, the biggest canine star in Hollywood.

When Sugar, a medium-sized dog with a large-sized heart, is offered role in the film, she and her best friend Clive the barn swallow, discover that acting is much harder than it seems. And that while they soon make fast friends with Willa, not everything is as it seems on the perfect movie set.

Things take a scary turn when Willa discovers that she may soon be turned away from the job she loves. And then they get worse when Kayla disappears, lost in an island storm that a girl from sunny California is no match for.

Once again it is up to Sugar and Clive to help a friend in need.

From award-winning author Alexandra Amor comes an ideal middle grade read, and a book for parents (and grandparents) and children to enjoy together. Perfect for middle school teachers and librarians to share with their classes. (Rated G. Age 9+)

Each book in the Sugar & Clive Adventure Series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Sugar and Clive and the Movie Star
Sugar and Clive

Available in ebook and paperback

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