Always expect the unexpected.

Technical problems and a hiatus.

Alas, technology has got the best of me recently. I had several interviews recorded with future guests of It’s a Mystery podcast, and then the external drive where I had them stored crapped out.

So the show is taking an unplanned hiatus. I’ve got a tech guy seeing if he can retrieve the files off the hard drive. And I will keep you posted about what’s happening.

In the meantime, please check out these lovely mystery writers that I had the pleasure of connecting with recently.

Lynda McDaniel writes lovely mysteries set in the Appalachian mountains that are as much about friendship as they are about the mystery.

Check out her work at There’s a free novella available there and her first in series, A Life for a Life, is free in ebook format wherever you buy books online.

Chris Racknor, a fellow Canadian with a PhD in physics (I don’t meet those every day), who writes about disgraced professor Shawn Ronin and mysteries solved around academia.

Learn more about him and his books at

Linda Norlander writes about northern Minnesota. Her sleuth is a native New Yorker who has escaped the city for a quieter life in the woods, only to become the prime suspect in a murder.

Learn more about the two books in this series at