It’s a Mystery Podcast guest Nancy Jill Thames offers us a guest post today about the origins of her latest book in the Jillian Bradley series.

Nancy Jill Thames guest postWhen I first started publishing books in 2010, I could produce two books a year – no problem! Never mind two weddings, the birth of another grandchild, and taking multiple trips to visit loved ones from sea to shining sea as I did so.

And then my husband retired and sold our home. We downsized and moved to a new town. So far so good on the writing front except for the fact that now we had to make the adjustment to new life together. Every day.

Nancy Jill Thames at the Met

Nancy Jill Thames at the Met

Meanwhile, I was writing short stories for Happy Homicides anthologies and at the same time working on Book 11 which I originally titled “Murder at the Met.” The only problem with that title was the met also referred to the Metropolitan Opera and a baseball team.

“The Death of Amanda Corbin” made sense since she was the victim so I changed the title. Didn’t work for my collaborators, so I changed the title again to the current title “Museums Can Be Murder.”

And then I ran out of steam. I did not care if I ever finished the book. My husband retired, why not me?

If it hadn’t been for the constant nudging and encouragement via emails from Brenda Burke Johnson, a fan from the beginning and my major editor, I don’t believe I would have completed the project.

The other reason to publish this book was the person mentioned in the dedication, my sister-in-law Gayle Elaine Biggs was the inspiration for one of the characters, Paige, Jillian’s sister-in-law. Sadly, Gayle passed last November.

It feels good to complete a project, but having Gayle’s memory live on, for me, is the best reward.

Thanks for letting me share my heart,
Nancy Jill Thames

Nancy Jill Museums can be MurderThe Christmas holidays get a morbid start when Jillian Bradley’s neice Kaitlin Romero discovers the body of her boss at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An envelope containing rare Charles Dickens illustrations is missing, and Detective Mickey Wells must reluctantly rely on Jillian’s help to solve the crime.

The case goes international when the vendor of the illustrations is murdered and linked to possible fraud.

As always, Jillian’s Yorkie companion Teddy helps solve the case by discovering an important clue.

Afterward tea included!

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